Prepare Yourself To Face The Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0)

Written by Vincent

October 29, 2020

YOU! Yes, you! students and parents, still worrying about which course to pursue? Which job has large employment potential over the next several years?
So here are some facts you should know:
There is a growing fear that the shift to IR 4.0 would cause many to lose jobs. These fears are not totally unwarranted as a 2017 study revealed that up to 800 million global workers will lose their jobs by 2030.” The Star article
So what is IR4.0 about? “IR4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) will take what was started in the third with the adoption of computers and automation and enhance it with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning.”  The Forbes
Have you ever heard about UniMY (University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering)? It is Malaysia’s first ‘Boutique ICT University’, located in Cyberjaya. As we know that Cyberjaya is the Silicon Valley of Malaysia, surrounded by big tech international companies such as Huawei, IBM, Shell, Dell, HP and so on. UniMY works closely with top names in IT industry such as Dell, KPMG, IBM, Microsoft, Huawei, etc.
So you might be thinking, how can I prepare myself for IR4.0? The quick answer is to prepare yourself for a Digital Technology Tertiary Education and equip yourself with the rights skills.
UniMY offers a wide variety of pathways from Foundation, Diploma, Degree to Postgraduate programmes. Their various Diploma programmes are relatively interesting such as, – Diploma in Computer Science – Diploma in Information Technology – Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media – Diploma in Information Technology (Cyber Security) – Diploma in Information System (Business Computing)* *Business computing is a multidisciplinary programme that combines the fundamentals of computing and business, which only requires students to learn basic coding.
How do UniMY differentiate themselves with other universities, as other universities offer the same programme too? – Tuition fees are more affordable relatively – ‘Boutique ICT University’ which means UniMY is a small university but specializes in IT programmes – Field trips will be done to give a bird’s eye view to the industry – Guarantee student internship placement – RLP (Real Life Projects) which allow students to learn and gain first-hand experience during their studies – Year 3 Degree students will be coached by industry players thus bridging better connection upon graduation
UniMY collaborates with various reputable academic partners that allows students to pursue their studies in top universities in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan & USA.
Most importantly, all courses offered by UNIMY are under MQA’s accreditation.
You might be thinking, what do you mean by affordable fees? Let’s have a look at UniMY tuitions fees, – Foundation programme RM10,000+ – Diploma programme RM18,000+ – Degree programme RM36,000+ Students are eligible to register for PTPTN loan. For household income <RM4,000, students are able to loan up to RM20,400, which means for the entire 3 years of Diploma programme, your tuition fee will be covered by PTPTN loan. Yes, you are seeing it correctly.

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