My SPM/ IGCSE results are poor. What should I do next?

October 29, 2020

Your results are out and they are not what you expect? Only have Cs and below that? Not sure whether if you can still continue studies with your results?
Here, Study Hub Student Advisory would like to share 4 ways that you can consider to take based on your results.
1. Remark/ retake your examinations
If you have done considerably average for your real examination, remarking is one option that you can consider. For SPM candidates, do take note that you need to apply for remarking with the Lembaga Peperiksaan within one month after your SPM results are released. You will need to pay RM100 per subject to remark. You will know about the results after almost 2 months. However, there is no guarantee that your remarked paper will have a better score than your initial grade.
Retaking your examination is also another option but this requires more careful thinking. You have to register quickly to retake the paper it has two intakes in a year. However for June intake, it is only limited to three subjects: Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah (History) and Mathematics. If you plan to retake for other papers, you have to wait until the end of the year and sit together (as a private candidate) with the next batch of candidates and get your results the following year.
Note: You need to think about various factors such as time and money if you are considering this option.
2. Consider to take Diploma (For those who have 3 to 4 credits)
You may feel disappointed if you did not get 5 credits (Cs) in your examination but do not worry as you can still continue your tertiary education. A Diploma programme requires only 3 credits for you to enrol (provided you pass your BM and Sejarah). A Diploma is very specific and you only need to have credits in important subjects that are related to the programme. For instance, if you are interested to do Accounting, you only need to have credit in Accounting, Mathematics and maybe English.
For those from the Science stream who have between 3 to 4 credits, you can also continue to study in Science related fields, provided that it is not as specialized as Medicine or Dentistry. You can still do a Diploma in Biomedical Lab Studies for example. For those who are interested in Engineering, there are also engineering diplomas such as Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
You might think that taking Diploma seemed longer and will delay your graduation. This is not CORRECT. While it is true that studying a Diploma is at least 2 years , upon completion you can go for a direct entry to Year 2 of your degree and graduate at the same time with your peers who did Foundation/ A Levels earlier. For Foundation student, they still have to study 3 to 4 years of degree(depending on their course) in order to graduate, so it actually makes no difference in terms of duration of completion.  And what’s best about Diploma? You can get PTPTN, you can choose to work first after completing it, choose to continue to study locally/ overseas right after that. The choice is yours!
Some of you might think that you don’t have enough credits for a Diploma. Continue reading to learn more. We got something for you!
3. Certificate (For those who have 1 to 2 credits)
If you have only 1 to 2 credits and passed your BM and Sejarah, you can still continue your studies! You can pursue a Certificate in a specific course such as IT, Business, Communication and even Hotel Management and then go on to pursue a Diploma and then continue with your degree. The duration of a Certificate is roughly 12 to 16 months and it is still considered an academic pathway that enables you to study in a higher learning institution.
Don’t be too concerned about the duration and consider this platform a great opportunity for you to continue your studies. At the end of your studies from Certificate until Degree, you will still be in your twenties. You can still have a bright future!
3. Enrol in Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) programmes
Maybe some of you have made up your mind that you are not interested to pursue your studies academically because you feel that it is simply just not your thing, but you are keen to learn a skill. We have an alternative for you!
TVET programmes are very practical, hands-on, highly skilled oriented programmes where you learn skills through levels and advanced as you master the skills in order to get ready for jobs in the real world. Student as young as 16 years old can enrol and if you have failed most of your subjects in SPM/ IGCSE, you are still eligible to join.  Several categories under TVET programmes include specialized courses such as hairdressing, cooking, fixing cars and even entrepreneurship. Hence, TVET programmes do not just train students to solely master a skill but also serves as a platform to equip them to start up their own small business in the future.
Don’t give up, there are still various options you can explore! 
We hope the above information has been useful. You still have a long journey to go after your SPM/ IGCSE.  If you want to know more/ talk to us directly, do contact us through our website and social media pages and talk to our counselors through calls/ messages. Feel free to visit our office in Klang.

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